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A Revolutionary situation is currently raging in the Bolivarian nation of Venezuela. After winning the federal elections in 2000, Hugo Chavez (a socialist not a Marxist) brought many reforms to the country that gave the workers higher wages, universal heath care and access to better education.
However the oligarchy of business and some military leaders feverishly opposed Chavez's reign.
In 2002, a coup seized power away from Chavez and set up what they called a "Democratic Dictatorship".
The people, the workers of Venezuela, outraged at this turn of events rose up as one determined mass, for the first time, as a class conscious proletariat. They seized control of the government away from the coup leaders and re-established Chavez as the legitimate President of the nation.
From then on, Alan Woods (a noted Marxist writer and thinker) and those of his tendency have been actively educating Chavez about Marxism, and what's more, educating the people of Venezuela through public forums and speaking tours. Venezuela must be made to continue it's revolutionary march forward, and consolidate the nation as a true worker's state.
The counter-revolution was defeated in 2002 but it is regaining it's strength now with the aid of US imperialism. The right-wing government of Columbia has been massing it's military forces on the boarder of Venezuela, and extremist Para-military groups from Columbia have been crossing the boarder.
Our duty as Marxists is clear, to support the Venezuelan revolution, to push for Marxism and a worker's state.
To Demand the right to self-determination for Venezuela. To ensure no Imperialist intervention.
In Solidarity with the Revolution. Hands Off Venezuela!

Julian Benson
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