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Stop Killer Coke

Hello everyone,
In the spirit of the School of the Americas (SOA) vigil and latin american solidarity, United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is hosting a supplimental protest in Cokelanta on Friday, Nov. 18.
Coca Cola has been involved in many human rights abuses including the murder of nine labor leaders within the coca cola bottling factory, kidnap of children for intimidation, etc. More information can be found at:
Hundreds of us will converge at noon that Friday Nov. 18th at the Coca Cola head quarters to highlight the international crimes Coca Cola still refuses to address.
This will be along the way for many of us to the SOA vigil.
The vigil, hosted by SOA watch (, will draw thousands of participants to Colombus, GA, home of the infamous SOA/WHINSIC at Ft. Benning. This training school (often called the School of Assassins) has trained some of the most brutal Latin American dictators and human rights abusers that we know of.
Both marches are a great way to let Killer Coke and our military know that we're not letting up on them and that our solidarity with the people of the global south and the movements there is ongoing and growing.
For more information, contact:
or call Jessica at: 516.652.9772

If you are interested in going from/through Hattiesburg, MS, please let me know. Rides are currently being organized and we don't have much time!

Michael C. Ide
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